Gogo Band Today

If we look into the Gogo band today, we can make out many changes, as the time passes more hip-hop influence has sneaked into gogo music. This article will talk about the present Gogo Band. With the increased of hip-hop content in Gogo band or gogo music the complexity of the musical arrangement has decreased. In earlier times, Gogo bands features horn sections and multiple guitarists in addition to a phalanx of percussionists. Gogo band today have stripped down to just keyboards and percussion. Another trend is to have a dedicated percussionist with plastic "wood blocks" performing much of what used to be handled by the Junior Congas.

Some of the Gogo bands also used the original gogo style of marathon sessions that covers popular R&B songs. For instance bands like Suttle Thoughts, What band and Familiar Faces plays in this style. Majority of the current Gogo band also used the term "Grown ’n Sexy" indicating to focus on appealing to audiences over 25. In 2006 and again in 2007, there was a Grown and Sexy Category at the WKYS 93.9 and in the Gogo awards ceremony being organized at DAR Constitution Hall, the Familiar Faces was the winner of 2006, and Lssen Da Grewp was the winner of 2007.

Some of the gogo artists today have also made transition into other areas or form of entertainment. Kevin Kato Hammond, begun the online magazine, “Take Me Out to the Go-Go in the year 1996. This magazine not only gives information on go-go shows but also serves as a community forum in which go-go fans regularly submit or upload their own articles on issues unique to the genre. It has however further expanded which includes a radio show on, and a YouTube channel. This has made Gogo band today a big difference as compare to earlier times.

Many of the musicians from other categories of music began to take interest in gogo music. They even integrated elements of gogo music or philosophy into their compositions & stage acts. Moreover, Mike Dillon, a Jazz as well as rock musician, leads a band known as Go-Go Jungle, often playing long, non-stop sets that incorporate go-go beats and raps interspersed with other sub-genres of funk, jazz, and rock.