Some Top Gogo Band Songs

During 80s, Gogo band’s international profile was on a rise and became a big hit. Their albums contained high contained a high percentage of quality '80s songs ranging from punkish rock to vibrant new wave to pure pop. Let’s find out some of the top as well as popular Gogo band songs.

“Our Lips Are Sealed” – This song is one among the best and popular songs of Gogo band. Although this song has little evidence of the gogo punk rock yet it is one of the Top 20 hit, which truly maintain an energetic intensity that matches its songwriting quality. Belinda Carlisle's vocal performance is a perfect match for the song's playfulness and ebullience, and the band collectively gels for one of the finest singles of the '80s.

“How Much More” – This song is also one of the top Gogo band songs. The guitar work of Charlotte Caffey & Wiedlin is worth mentioning. Both guitarists’ suitably delivers punchy riffs that mesh well with the dynamic rhythm section of Kathy Valentine & Gina Schock. But it's eventually the entire ensemble's synergy that turns this song into the band's finest and top hit single that never was.

“We Got the Beat” – This song became a big hit can considered as one of the top songs of Gogo band. The song retains a considerable link to the group’s punk roots. In fact the song has major influence on various strains of punk rock and making it one of the group’s biggest hit. The song was No 2 on the pop charts and no.7 in the mainstream rock category in 1982.

“Lust to Love” – “Lust to Love” is one of the finest Gogo band songs. In this song Caffey and Wiedlin offer up a fierce, tough rock song, yet it’s a perfect fusion between rock and classic pop. The track's two distinct sections are both highly effective, with the unique, riffing of the verse building gradually but firmly into the harder-edged chorus.

“Vacation” – The other popular Gogo band songs also includes “Vacation”. In this song Gogo band implement keyboards to a significant degree for the first time. In this song the band deliver a much more straightforward pop song than any track on their first album. But that doesn't mean it represents a dip in quality, as in fact the melodies here are probably more belligerent and confident than the band had managed previously.