Gogo Band Artists

Everybody must have heard about Gogo band but only a few may have full knowledge about the Gogo band artists. Here in this article we will briefly describe about the artists of Gogo band.

Ralf Gum – Ralf Gum is one of the Gogo music artists. He has been creating music since 1993. Later on in the year 1997, he teamed up with CrisP. He also worked with well known artists like Inaya Day, Michael Procter or the attractive Concha Buika. This artist is famous for his succession of quality productions on labels such as Tommy Boy, Peppermint Jam, Flamingo Discos, Sole Music, Milk & Sugar, Infracom or Compose. He uses live instrumentation as well funky harmonies coupled with his wicked house beats and very own crisp percussion. In fact this is the hallmark of Ralf’s music.

Sugar Beat – Sugar Beat is simply the magic connection of brothers in groove (Steffen’s funky jazzy grooves). Sugar Beat started as live-act of drummer Steffen Meder and DJ Ralf GUM, but developed as well to a production team soon. The first tracks of Sugar Beat have been done as a trio which also includes CrisP, but presently the project only consists of Steffen and Ralf. Steffen Meder developed his incomparable style to play drums. At Sugar Beat he is responsible for the tight live drum section. Ralf is responsible for the instrumentation and production. They also include among the popular artists of Gogo music.

Benny Pecoraio – One of the artists of Gogo band also includes Benny Pecoraio. He started his music education at the age of 4. During that time he likes to become a percussionist. Later on he soon realized and slowly found out his own definition or knowledge of good music and finally the possibility of being part of & even influencing this sound. Even he has a very special way of composing music; he will travel around several countries and would listen to different music and musicians’ works. Then he will translate them into his very own musical language.

Roberto De Carlo – Roberto De Carlo is also one of the other Gogo band artists. In his early age he was quite fascinated for dance music. He got inspiration from the early sounds of Boris Dlugosch, Mousse T. and Brian Tappert. Later on he began to produce. Putting all his south-Italian temperament into his premier vocation, Roberto developed an unmistakable sound impudent quickly. Soon he received attention for his Soul-, Jazz- and Latino-touched sound. He works under the project-name One Touch for the renowned Purple Music label and under his real name for Go-go Music.