Gogo Band in 1980s

According to the history Gogo band, the band started out during mid to late 1970s. Only a few bands contributed to early evolution of Gogo band. Singer-guitarist Chuck Brown is credited for the development of most of the hallmarks of the style. Here we will let you know about Gogo band in 1980s. During this period some of the Gogo bands achieved success and some others did not. In 1980s, Trouble Funk band put out a few records on New Jersey- based label before they sign up with one of the more powerful hip hop label, Sugar Hill where it released a six-track EP called Drop the Bomb in 1982, which included the hit "Pump Me Up" which had already been a regional hit years before.

Considering Gogo bands in 1980s, Chris Blackwell, happen to hear the song "We Need Some Money" by Chuck Brown on the radio in New York (1984), and this led him to sign some of the greatest stars of the gogo scene. Later on, both Trouble Funk and E.U signed to Island. Moreover, during 1980s, Chuck Brown, Mass Extinction, Yuggie, Redds and the Boys as well as Hot, Cold, Sweat were signed via a distribution deal between T.T.E.D and Island subsidiary 4th and B’way.

Besides handling out the recording contracts, Blackwell also wanted to make a Gogo movie which will be in fact a D.C based version of the Harder They Come. Talking about the Gogo band during 1980s, a band called as Junk Yard Band started out at the beginning of this period. The band was a group of kids from Barry Farm projects. They could not afford instruments for the band so they used drums out of empty bucket and traffic cones. Tin cans were the substitute for timbales and they used plastic toy for horns. But in the year 1985, the band had joined the ranks of D.C.'s finest; they were ladled up by Def Jam.

In the 1886, E.U got a big break as the band was booked to play a party celebrating the release of Spike Lee’s debut film She’s Gotta Have It. Lee liked what he heard, and tapped the band to perform a song in his next movie, School Daze and scored them a Grammy nomination. Hoping to build on their success, in 1989 they released Living Large on Virgin Records. Two singles from the album ("Buck Wild" and "Taste of Your Love") made respectable showings on Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop singles chart but they failed to repeat the success of "Da Butt." In short, Gogo band in 1980s earned much popularity.